Posture: Forward Head Carriage

Poor posture leading to headaches, neck, and shoulder pain are very common nowadays due to increased technology use and time spent sedentary. We see this posture associated with rounding of the shoulders and rounding of the upper back. We need to address the issue of forward posture of the neck. Forward head posture causes a considerable increase in the amount of pressure that is placed on your spine. Over time this can lead to neck pain and as well as more serious health issues. Overall someone with correct posture is going to look taller, feel better, and be more confident than someone with bad posture.

Ideally if you were to draw a straight line down from the top of hour head down to your hips everything should fall into a straight line. Instead, for someone with poor posture, the head will protrude forward giving the appearance of a lengthened neck. The reason why the head does this is due to weakened deep cervical flexors of the neck and tight muscles (sternoclydomastoid and anterior scalenes).

Hours spent looking down at our phones, sitting at desk or a computer every day causes these muscles to become weakened or stuck in a position which creates the forward head posture that you see.

What is Blair Chirorapctic?

Blair chiropractic is a specialized technique used to adjust misalignments of the cervical sign. Blair doctors are trained to identify the spinal misalignments and adjust using a specific technique. A thorough exam and imaging is conducted to determine the spinal segments that injured.


Every patient that treated with the Blair chiropractic has imaging performed with cone beam compute tomography (CBCT). This allows us to precisely visualize the areas and angle of misalignment. Since each person’s body is different, this allows us to tailor a treatment individual to each patient. When the correction occurs, no twisting, popping or cracking happens. The adjustment is a light and gentle correction.


Patient are closely monitored to make sure they stay in balance and are free of misalignments. The goal of the treatment is to keep each patient holding the correct alignment. The adjustment itself does not create the healing. When a patient is free of nerve interference and, the body is able to maintain a normal position allowing it to function better and heal.


David Chen, DC Dr. David Chen has been practicing Blair Chiropractic since 2014. Based in Los Angeles, he specializes in upper cervical chiropractic. This type of correct is gentle without the normal popping and cracking associated with chiropractic neck adjustments.

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