What is the Blair Chiropractic Technique

What is the Blair Chiropractic Technique?

Blair chiropractic is a special technique for analyzing and adjusting the cervical spine. When the bones of the neck become misaligned, they can interfere with the brain stem as it exits the brain. Special attention is given especially to the first two bones of the neck as they are house the brain stem.

Blair adjustments are gentle and non invasive. In this poster you an see the misalign before and after is corrected. Left untreated misalignments can prevent optimal health.



There are 24 bones in the spine. 5 in the middle back 12 in the mid back and 12 in the neck. The top two bones in your neck are totally different from the other bones in your neck. The joints are formed different and move differently. Structurally, the joints in the upper cervical regions are flatter compared to the joints found lower in the spine. This shape allows for increased mobility allowing the head and neck a wide range of motions; however, this also makes this region susceptible to injury due to the increased motion.


Forces from accidents and even every day activities can affect the regions by moving the bones of the neck too far out of position. If it is severe or prolonged enough these bones can become locked in a misaligned position. The C1 and C2 vertebrate surround the brainstem which controls cardiorespiratory and regulation of the nervous system. Some of the basic functions of the brainstem including breathing, sleeping, digestion, hormone production regulating consciousness and the sleep cycle.


When the upper cervical vertebrae are out of alignment, there is a disruption causes a disruption in flow of cerebral spinal fluid (CSF). Normally, CSF allows for nutrient to be carried to the brain and spine and for the elimination of waste products. When a misalignment occurs, the process works less efficiently. The result is that the brain function and nervous system are affected.


Cone Beam Computer Tomography (CBCT) image is used to analyze the alignment of the spine.

In our office, we perform checks and imaging to see if the person is out of alignment. Leg length is generally uneven when the upper neck is out of alignment. We take a 3 dimensional imaging of the neck to see exactly where the misalignments are located. In addition, this helps us to understand the formation of the vertebrae because the neck is region that which may have asymmetry. This means that structures the left and right side of the spine are shaped differently. The imaging helps us to understand the differences in a person’s anatomy tailor the adjustment to be very precise for each individual patient.

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